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Kanamadhu Cake 2 Lbs

Make your loved ones’ birthdays and other special occasions memorable and let them know they’re special with Kanamadhu Cake!
Layered with a creamy filling and topped with sprinkled whole kanamadhu and pieces, this delicious cake will absolutely satisfy your taste-buds.
Each cake is carefully hand-made with a kanamadhu topping and if requested, “Happy Birthday” greeting on top. You can even include your own personal gift message to make someone’s birthday extra special!
This cake is a thoughtful gift idea that’s perfect for family, friends, coworkers, or to anyone you care about in your life.
Let your loved ones taste the scrumptious and sweet goodness of Kanamdhu Cake by sending it right to their doorsteps.
With the Kanamadhu Cake, you can enjoy a natural, guilt-free dessert that has no preservatives added and tastes just like you baked it at home. 
These rich and seductive Kanamadhu Cake draws rave reviews from even the most seasoned kanadhuholics! Moist, indulgent and full of flavor, for an unforgettable finale to your most elegant meals.

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Kanamadhu Cake

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